I've seen over ten thousand makeup bags from
freezer bags to suitcases...
Bringing all your products both new and old forms the foundation to a successful makeup lesson
or workshop with EstherMarie.
 See the photos of clients where I have tested their existing foundations be prepared to be shocked!


How can I possibly help you with out seeing all your purchase history? what you like, what errors you have made, where you are struggling together with what unopened gifts you have had. It’s like reading the tea leaves !

Ive see in its all ...Its true they come in all shapes and sizes, from suitcases to freezer bags... it not to judge you, but to help me help you. I once had a client who came in a taxi as she simply came with her 4 draws from her dressing table!

It shows if you are loyal and love a brand, or you Impulse purchase - when you see what you like you buy it.

Every client over the last 32 years who has had a makeup lesson with me are all asked to bring their makeup bag... including the items they don’t use! they are almost as important as the products they are using... Its like reading the tea leaves!

With out giving too much away I sort your makeup bag out in a proven method I have used for decades and can work your makeup history in 5 minutes. I totally understand about texture, colour and tone using all the knowledge I have learn't formulating products and working in photography and the film industry.

My idea of makeup is to make your features pop! smooth your skin tone, use weightless products so you feel confident with your look.