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Hiring a personal shopper may seem like excess spending but can actually save you money in the long run and be a really empowering experience. 

No matter your age or gender, you may have a list of items you need or have no idea.

There are hundreds of brands and shops and more coming on to the market every day.

You might have friends who have set up selling products from home, spend hours watching YouTube videos or feel uncomfortable asking for what you need at the beauty counters.

The truth is most people feel pressured into buying and grab and run to getaway.

I know this is true because I've seen the thousands of makeup bags that have all the wrong products in them and make a living out of makeup bag revamps sorting them out.

I've got over three decades in the industry and have worked with hundreds of brands, shops, and boutiques worldwide. This high level of knowledge is key to understanding what is needed when shopping for new skincare and makeup items...

Within minutes, I can work out what will work for you, just looking at the products on the counters.

I know the right questions to ask, what colours to choose and what price to pay.

No matter what your level of knowledge, I will get you sorted.

Starting with a one-hour consultation to plan out a budget and products needed. Your 3-hour shopping experience is then booked. It can be online or at your chosen location.

The service price starts at £150. Travel parking and out of studio costs will apply. 

You can bolt on to your experience a 3-hour makeup lesson, so you are happy using the products yourself for £60

I always get asked the question, "can I bring a friend" then the answer is yes, whatever it takes to make you feel happy and comfortable.

To discuss your experience in more detail or if you would like to purchase as a gift, please contact EstherMarie directly on 07768292352 or send an email to 


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