What`s the best makeup lesson for you?

The main point is building your skills to create the look you want to achieve using my 32 years of knowledge. During the lesson, we will complete a bespoke step by step makeup plan for you to follow and you can always contact me after your lesson for recaps and advice when you need it.

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An average lesson is 3 hours and can be as interactive as you like, sit and just watch or follow my leader and get involved. They can be on a one 2 one basis or as a group.

If it's your first time or with EstherMarie 3 hours is allocated to allow for assessment and consultation, there after 2 hour lessons can be planned.

I have created 1- 3 levels of learning click here to find out the level you will start at, this will be assessed by EstherMarie at your appointment so no need to work out yourself.

Some clients like to have a few lessons or happy with one. You can have a lesson on your own or as a small group if you want a bit of fun or are on a budget.

My Studio in the beautiful town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire can host 10 attendees, it has full studio lighting so you can clearly see detail and light refreshments will be provided. If you would like the event at your location studio and travel costs will apply and please be aware that house lighting is not very bright and reflects a yellow tone. Down lighting also creates shadows that make it very difficult to apply makeup to yourself and see the demonstration.

I also do Skype, Facetime and telephone consultations in 30-minute blocks if we are unable to get together. Here is my service list. 

I  have set lessons or on a bespoke basis based on your request. The list of subjects to cover is endless from the most popular are... 10 years younger, glamour makeup, how to make your makeup last, Eyebrow definition, the 'no makeup look', false eyelashes, how to choose the correct colours, cover-up makeup, wedding ideas, teenager & prom.

So how do you learn to apply makeup when you are young? EstherMarie Mini Makeup artists workshops are extremely popular. Everyone knows a little girl who wants to be a budding makeup Artist. Taking turns to be the artist then the model it's truly brilliant to see them understand age-appropriate makeup looks and develop their skills to last a lifetime.

Maybe you are a professional photographer or would love to do your own makeup for your wedding or photo shoot. Understanding lighting and the correct tones to use are really important.

Allergies and skin disorders are on the increase so we can focus on skincare solutions as well. 

Looking at the products you are using and talking to you I would assess your level of knowledge that is needed and key areas that you want to cover. It's normal to find out from attending a lesson things that you did not think were important now become a big part of your makeup routine.

The idea of the lesson is to learn skills and how to purchase the correct products for you, so I strongly suggest that items are not purchased before the event there is nothing worse than when you show me a load of unopened products and I get asked how to use them. If they are incorrect for the look that is required you might have to give a few items away as presents....

If you have a drawer full of unused products I would suggest a Makeup Bag revamp. its great fun especially with a small group of friends. The idea is you bring all your makeup showing all your purchase history and mistakes made! Then we work out what products you should keep or throw! once sorted we create the look using your newly organised makeup.

In my 'tool kit,' I use a wide range of handpicked products to create each individual look. I use only top quality products that are used at the National TV Awards and the British Soap Awards so you are defiantly getting the very best. If you are sensitive I work with a range of products created by a Consultant Dermatologist that are very ethical and have amazing calming and Anti-Ageing effects. I have my own range of EstherMarie products that are vegan too.

If there are items that you don't have I will use mine and should you choose to purchase they will be available to you at the event and in the future.

Cost for each block of 30-minutes of phone, Skype or FaceTime consultation/advice £15

Cost for individual lessons £45 for a 2 hour refresher  buy now  or £60 for 3 hours for your first time with EstherMarie buy now  (if longer is required the charge continues as £20 per hour)

Cost for group lessons 3 hours £20 per person with a minimum fee of £60

I supply all the mirrors brushes tissues cotton wool etc that is needed. Even my makeup directors chairs and lights!

When you are ready you are ready to book you can do it online so when there are a few of you to get together its easy. Book your date. Check out my levels of knowledge planning to see where you sit. It really important that you read pre-appointment and aftercare advice.

Contact me  ... let me know what you want to achieve and I will let you know the best lesson for you might like to view levels of knowledge . I can send over my diary to help you plan too.

Looking forward to seeing you and passing on my 32 years of knowledge, "you will be surprised how little makeup you will need !"  

EstherMarie xx