Here is a bit more information to give you a more in-depth overview of levels of EstherMarie Lessons and Workshops

All EstherMarie lessons and workshops are bespoke and based on the assessed needs of the attendees. As you can imagine some attendees are more competent and have a greater understanding, they can express their needs in a confident manor whilst others may not even own any products and have never applied makeup before.

There are many reasons, revamping you makeup bag to gain new ideas, wedding and special occasion, teenager, prom, 10 years younger allergies and camouflage to name a few.
You might be purchasing for a gift or a surprise for someone.

It is very important that you COME WEARING YOUR NORMAL MAKEUP LOOK and BRING ALL THE MAKEUP PRODUCTS AND TOOLS YOU OWN no matter how old they are, this is not a judgement on you but will  provide essential information very quickly including buying habits and mistakes made. The more prepared you are coming to a lesson and workshop, using photos of what you do and do not like the more you will get out of it.

​​Following pre and post appointment guidelines are essential they are updated on a regular basis and can be found at

At any event you can be as interactive as you wish .. if you just want to watch and take your time that is not a problem. Some stages are repeated with further appointments until you have the confidence to move on to the next stage. As again everyone has different levels of learning and it’s important that time is given to perfect your skill.

All products are supplied by EstherMarie and are available for retail at the event. However, it is essential that you bring your own makeup for review and where possible most of your products if suitable will be used. Please do not purchase any new products pre-event, you might find you don’t need them !

(Attendees attending professional courses will follow a strict agenda regardless of their level of knowledge. The levels below are for private clients and not commercial use.)

All group workshops and one to one first sessions will be 3 hours long to allow for assessment and review. purchase now

There after follow up lessons for one 2 ones can be reduced if needed to 2 hours. purchase now Group sessions will remain to be 3 hours. purchase now

Level 1 - Demonstration and overview understanding basic Makeup and Skincare
Application of makeup will be applied on you by EstherMarie demonstrating texture, colour, application of base products to all attendees, half the face first then the full face to compare. Overview of attendees previous purchases and errors that have been made when applying and purchasing. Review of tools and how they are used to create the look you require. Using light and your posture to your advantage. Product ingredients and how cost and brands can influence.

  • Key feedback from the level 1 session is how few products are needed to create a great look.

Level 2 Hands on confident Makeup and Skincare
Application of makeup will be on yourself in a follow my leader style. All attendees must be competent in applying base products Foundation, Contour, Mascara, Lipstick (level 1) within 5 minutes. In depth knowledge is given on corrective makeup, how to choose the correct shades as well as understanding bounce back on photos and what light reflective particles must be used for each skin type. Mixing of colours and textures to gain many shades and products whilst only owning a few products. How important Brows are, how to change their shape and the different techniques and products you can use. Eyeshadow shades, textures and how to apply. Defining the eyes and lips. Position of hands when applying makeup and using the correct light based on when and where makeup is to be seen. How to set your completed application depending on the look required.

  • Key feedback from the level 2 session is how to define your features and change your look.

Level 3 Hands on advanced Glamour Makeup and Skincare
Application of products can be in a follow my leader style on yourself or full/part by EstherMarie or using a model. Glamour makeup involves previous full understanding (level 2) of texture colour and application. The key points will be using bases to build up layers, contouring using both dark and light shades. Application of false lashes both strips and cluster. Corrective makeup to change features and skin tone. Glamour makeup has many looks this could be for a ball or working on a stage production.

  • Key feedback from the level 3 session is how to get the wow effect and match your outfit.

Level 4 Apply to model for Photographic, Film and TV
Time required will be allocated on EstherMarie's assessment of your skills to date. Application of products can be in a follow my leader style or full/part by EstherMarie using a model. Working within an industry as a stylist or a photographer where you need to apply the makeup or wanting to apply to friends. Skills taught including colour matching, application pressures, allergy advice as well as consultation skills to create the look required in a relaxed but professional manner. Hygiene and contraindications will need to be understood as well as lighting required and the long-lasting qualities of the application.

  • Key feedback from the level 4 session is how to get the correct look based on the brief.

I hope that gives you the information you need … next step is to look at dates so visit my services page click what you want and my diary will give you my availability for you to book the best time for you. To read more including video and skype/facetime click here. Finally, don't forget to read the pre-appointment and aftercare advice.

Looking forward to seeing you

EstherMarie x