Would you like to know how I got started or learn more about makeup?

Firstly, a talk, demo or presentation, something that I have done for many years and very much love meeting new clients. 

Working in the industry I certainly have lots of stories to tell.. I love doing public talks and have raised many thousands for charity too. I have spoken at colleges and schools to give career advice, ladies clubs, and charity events and in the corporate world sharing how your makeup can change the way you work.

I have been asked to share my story of how I started EstherMarie, The secrets of the cosmetics counters and a popular one is how to revamp your make up bag!

I think the best one is a scary fact of how makeup can make you look 10 years older !!… Bizarre I know, showing you the tricks of the trade I have learnt over the last 30 years.

I can add live demonstration that's full of tips and lots of ideas my 3 big secrets are TEXTURE, COLOUR & APPLICATION, I demonstrate on a model how to apply on the one side of the face only so you can compare the difference. naturally later in the event, I complete the makeup for the mode

Or if space and light is an issue I have a wealth of photos and before and after shots that I can share by a digital presentation.

I will share with you my work around the world and how makeup is used in different countries, and how I became the WORLDS MOST POPULAR WEDDING MAKEUP ARTIST in 2014

Time allowing I can answer questions at the end or reply to them by email. I will give a quick overview of the services I provide at my Ashbourne makeup studio and on location.

Out of studio and travel, costs will apply my fee is £60 per hour. I provide full studio lighting and a PA system.

The key role of the model is

  • Be able to get on my high chair and sit up / hold head so viewers can see..
  • Chat when asked questions … but not too chatty if you know what I mean
  • Be comfortable wearing makeup..due to it being a demo more makeup will be applied for viewers to see so if they do not wear makeup they will be uncomfortable and will come across as a negative
  • Not have any skin conditions or sensitivity as there will not be time for patch tests 
  • Be comfortable will me applying mascara… contact lens wearers would not be a good idea
  • I can very easily choose as I can see peoples personalities if there was a problem …. 
  • Age is not a problem to me my strapline is MAKEUP WHATEVER YOUR AGE OR STYLE!

Can you let me have the following information, please?

  • Date?
  • Event?
  • Address?
  • Parking?
  • The time I can set up?
  • Start time?
  • Finish time estimated?
  • Do I need my PA system?
  • Is there a plug where I will be standing?
  • Estimated how many people?
  • A few sentences about the event an overview of who will be there?
  • If the event been publicised …. meaning send me a poster and I will add to my events page on my website?

Thank you EstherMarie x

If you would like more I would love to hear from you let me know what you are thinking of if you have a date in mind just book online.